• For timely and personal customer engagements.

    Deep insights into your leads' true Interest, Agenda and Profile

SalesWings enables sales & marketing teams around the world to consistently engage the next, best lead - in an-award winning way.


Our real-time lead engagement tracking, lead scoring, sales alert and intent segmentation solution is quickly deployed and balances power and simplicity at perfection for any size of sales and marketing team.

Combining an intuitive set of tools including built-in predictive lead scoring, user-input based point scoring, lead tagging and lead insights, we enable sales and marketing teams of all sizes to personalize their marketing journeys and achieve sales efficiency gains.


lead website tracking lead scoring solution
Interest History

See each lead's past activity to qualify inbound leads.

Lead Scoring

Build your own lead scoring rules in a simple way.

Predictive Scoring

Quickly identify the right moment to contact a lead.

Flexible tagging

Organize your leads for more personal marketing.


Alert your sales team quickly via email, browser, and Slack.

Profile data

Company and lead data points for complete CRM data.

Prioritize, understand and engage each lead the way they'd expect you to.

360° lead intent and profile insights for highly personal customer experiences and more sales

Your success depends on how fast and accurately you can surface top priority leads to your sales team - whether it is your existing CRM leads, or new inbound leads.

SalesWings tracks and analyzes how your leads engage with your business on your website and with your other sales and marketing tools, and provides you with a smart tool set to


>> Surface the best leads quickly to your team in Salesforce or Pipedrive

>> Create purposeful marketing segments with data you can rely on

>> Alert your inside sales team automatically when a lead needs attention

>> Put in place rapid, accurate lead prioritization of inbound leads


SalesWings enables your team to engage into more timely, and entirely personal customer engagements leading to more pipeline thickness, an increase in active-selling-time, and shorter sales cycles.


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