• Great CX starts right here.

    Track and leverage your leads' digital interactions with your business in a clever way.

SalesWings enables sales & marketing teams around the world to consistently engage their leads in a relevant and timely manner.


Our real-time customer journey tracking, lead & account qualification and sales enablement solution is quickly deployed and balances power and simplicity at pure perfection.

Combining an intuitive set of tools including fully automated lead tracking, needs identification, innovative lead scoring, and sales insights - we enable sales and marketing teams of all sizes to personalize their marketing journeys and achieve sales efficiency gains.

Timely, personal and impactful sales and marketing starts right here.


Journey tracking

Leverage each lead's digital activity to understand needs.

Lead Scoring

Build your own lead scoring rules in a flexible way.

Predictive Scoring

Quickly identify the right moment to contact a lead.

Automatic profiling

Understand leads to engage more effectively.

Sales Insights

Enable your sales teams with lead intelligence and alerts.

Profile data

Company and lead data insights for rep productivity.


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