• For a Bigger Inbound ROI.

    Identify the best inbound leads with real-time predictive lead scoring



Track all your Form Sign-ups

Automatically qualify your Inbound Leads

Not all inbound leads are the same. Some need immediate attention, some can wait. But how to tell?

To immediately distinguish your inbound leads, SalesWings applies predictive lead scoring of your leads website activity and splits your leads into cold, warm - and HOT leads!

> Increase the deal closing rate of your sales team by easily pointing them to the hottest inbound leads.

Build a smart, yet simple Work-flow

Sync Lead Ranking data to where you work

Saleswings syncs all website tracking and lead scoring data to Salesforce, Pipedrive, and many other CRM's.

Real-time notifications make sure that your sales team focuses on the low hanging fruits and take immediate sales action.


"My team had no method to accurately score the high number of leads we generated. With Saleswings our sales team gets notifies when great leads come in, which allows them to simply close more deals. "

Gustavo Sanchez, Head of Marketing - Signority, Canada

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Real-time feed of the hottest leads

Inside-sales friendly Lead Cockpit

Your sales team gets a cockpit for Chrome where they get a real-time feed of your hottest leads.

Recommended sales actions including social selling ensures an increase in sales actions per lead, and per rep.

> For a well coordinated sales and marketing team!

Uncover your best leads in a smart way