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    Professional Lead Scoring and Lead Engagement
    Insights for Pipedrive CRM

Powerful insights into your lead's digital behavior to sell and market more timely and personal.

SalesWings brings all your lead's engagement from email marketing, website, forms, videos, meeting scheduling software, document tracking and any other imaginable source into a single place: Pipedrive CRM.

Whether you are aiming to prioritize new incoming leads effectively, or look for a solution to hand-over existing marketing leads timely to your sales team, SalesWings has the answer. Our unique dual lead scoring solution for Pipedrive makes lead prioritization intuitive, and a clear overview of your lead's true interest allows your sales reps to tailor their message to perfection. With our easy-to-use automation rule builder, you can furthermore segment your leads using tags - based on lead behavior and engagement. Combining any of our data points with Zapier makes it furthermore easy to create work-flows of your choice.

Last but not least, our sales-centric real-time lead cockpit shortens response times to the best leads and increases active selling time per sales rep. Real-time sales notifications in Slack, via email or straight in the browser, make it hard to miss any lead that's ready to buy and our contact data enrichment for Pipedrive draws a 360° briefing of each lead and company your working with.

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We make it hard to miss the right leads

Our intuitive lead scoring system for Pipedrive enables your team to stay focused on priority leads

Our built-in predictive lead scoring identifies the hottest leads in real-time based on their engagement on your website, forms, videos, and more. Furthermore, you are in charge when it comes to defining your own point scoring system. A pricing page visit? 5 points. A full video viewed? 8 points. Viewed 85% of your sales proposal? 10 points. You get it.

But data is only as good as it's actionable, which is why SalesWings provides you with a set of tools to enhance your process measurably:

> Real-time lead engagement cockpit

> Custom lead alerts in Slack, browser, and email

> Connection to Zapier for flexible work-flows

And much, much more.


Insightful data to sell and market more personal

Insights into true intent and profile of each lead

SalesWings triggers real-time website tracking from any email marketing or form / landing page solution that you are already using today - and brings it straight in front of your team.

If your sales reps want to get better email response rates, and higher lead qualification rates, we have the data they need to speak to the true intent of their prospects. Which product videos have they watched? Where do they spend their time on the website? How actively are they looking?

Besides providing you with real-time website engagement data, we consolidate lead activity from all your sales tools such as scheduling tools, website chat or document trackers, to give you that 360° view of your prospects.

Build smart segments based on behavior and profile data

Create opportunities to sell more - faster - now.

From simply providing a list of sales-ready leads, to building intelligent segments based on a combination of lead activity - SalesWings helps you organize your lead base. No segment is more accurately defined, such as a segment defined by your lead's behavior.

For instance, you can use engagement or profile data to surface your top leads to your sales team. Or, you could segment your leads by product or service interest, to personalize your marketing campaigns.


Comprehensive Contact and Company Data Enrichment

Get over 50 data points for each lead you're tracking

SalesWings pushes valuable lead and company profile insights to your Pipedrive CRM, ensuring you have accurate and complete data for lead qualification and segmentation.

Having the right data for your leads leads to improvements across the board:

> Faster, better lead qualification for sales

> Smarter segments based on profile data

> More personal email and marketing campaigns

> Accurate retargeting segments for Facebook and LinkedIn

You can choose between a continuous enrichment of all leads that you are tracking, or we can do a one-time enrichment of all your existing CRM leads.


The Swiss Army Knife for Inside Sales Teams

Real-time lead cockpit & notification system

We know that your sales person's job is to sell and engage customers, and not to spend time in software. This is why we have designed a real-time lead engagement cockpit which simply puts the hottest lead at the top - for effortless sales prioritization.

Our market-leading sales lead notification system will show relevant leads in an effortless way to the assigned lead owner, with real-time notifications in their browser, to their Slack channel, or per email.

This is sales 4.0, this is SalesWings.


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