9 Creative Ways to Reward a Sales Team for Success

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Many sales team managers have a monetary reward system in place for their sales staff to drive performance. While a financial incentive is a motivator an employee, many recent studies have shown that cash bonuses often do not have success long-term in driving a team’s productivity. This is why sales managers are often always on the look for sales incentive ideas and trying to find ways to motivate employees to sell. 

Often a creative performance rewards system creates a boost in excitement for the job, adds a fun dynamic to the daily schedule, and lets your staff know that you care about them and their personal development.

Try implementing some of these creative incentive ideas for sales  teams that have worked for the SalesWings team to reward a sales team for success.

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 9 Incentive Ideas for Sales Teams

1. Trust.

Show them that you have trust in them and that they are important to your success:

  • Trust when things are not going well
  • Trust about taking the right decision in a hard sale
  • Trust when it comes to sourcing new sales technology – such as ours 😉
  • Trust for a question you may have

The feeling of being needed and appreciated is a basic human need. And don’t forget, sales people are humans after all…. ^^



2. The gift of time.

A recruitment sales manager wanted to reward the best performing sales rep of the month for their contribution. He thought of possible ways to motivate employees to sell and he wanted to go for simpler sales incentive ideas. He offered a simple reward: For the sales reps with the highest number of landed meetings, exceeding a threshold number, the manager offered them the next day off: “Tomorrow, just take a day off for yourself.”

This offered a unique twist on the cash bonus idea with the additional benefit of time off. Maybe you can’t offer this exact reward in your office, but are there ways to motivate employees to sell more with time?

Perhaps allowing sales people who consistently perform at a certain level the option to work from home two days per month? Other options are extra vacation days, or the option to be flexible with their schedules.


3. The Gift of Relaxation.

You’re still looking for creative sales incentive ideas? Well, just about everyone loves a massage – at least our Saleswings colleagues do. 😉

Did your team have a great month? Reward them by hiring a massage therapist to come into your office for a couple of days and give chair massages. If you can’t bring a massage therapist in, reward top performers with a gift certificate to a spa.

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4. Help out at home.

After long overtime hours, the last thing most people want to do is go home and cook or clean!

Saleswings offers its sales teams – spontaneously – the reward of meal delivery service so your employee can enjoy not having to cook dinner when they come home tired. You could also reward them with a gift certificate to a house cleaning service, or laundry service, for any other day.


5. Flip Flop Friday.

If appropriate for your office, treat your staff to a casual Friday as a reward for a great week.

While a professional dress code will help make sure that a sales team will come to work with a professional mind set, seeing colleagues in other clothes once in a while will also help create a work environment that feels less strict.



6. Treat Jar.

How about asking you staff how they want to be rewarded?

Have everyone write on a piece of paper the reward they’d like to receive than place each one in a jar. Each time you recognize an employee for their success, have them randomly pick a reward from the jar, or reward each employee with his reward of choice.


7. Recognition box.

To honor the employee you are recognizing, have each member of your staff write something they appreciate about that person on a small note card. In fact, this reward you could just do once a month with any employee, there is no huge need to perform in order for someone to make the team perform better. Place the cards in a decorative box and present to the employee; it will definitely make them smile.

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8. Reward the family.

Sales people often have to work long hours, which means less time with their families. Reward the whole family! Send a young couple out for a dinner and a movie night on you. Reward a family with children with tickets to a local amusement park or child friendly attraction. Of course this requires you to know a little bit about their private life, which is needless to say a must-do.


9. Send a thank you note with a small token.

This simple personal gesture can mean a lot to an employee who has worked hard to achieve a goal. Handwrite a thank you note and place it on their desk before they arrive to work. Present it to your employee with a small gift like a decorative pen, voucher for Amazon, or anything you may know they’d appreciate. It’s a small, outside-of-the-box gesture, that will make your sales rep know he’s more than just a “worker”.


BONUS: Take them out for lunch.

Here at Saleswings the entire team often sits down together for lunch. This isn’t a reward to a specific success, but one of the very good incentive ideas for sales teams. A gesture that when practiced regularly can boost morale. Studies show that being appreciated by their superiors and getting recognized as an ambitious sales hunter – can strongly boost a sales person’s motivation. It sounds simple, but it can go a long way in helping a staff to feel appreciated. Just take them out, tell them how you feel, and let them order anything from the menu they like. Speak about other things than work and don’t be afraid to also show a bit your human side.


A creative approach to rewarding and encouraging success can have a profound effect on the productivity of your staff. Employees who feel valued, perform better which means increased productivity for the whole company. That’s a win for the individual and the group.


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