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    Fit Scoring for Salesforce

Score leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and more, based on flexible criteria using ANY Salesforce Sales Cloud data that you own.

100% Salesforce Sales Cloud based fit scoring and lead grading.




With Salesforce being your single source of truth, you should get visibility on your most important records.

With the SalesWings Lead Grading and Fit Scoring solution, you can score various objects based on any Salesforce data you have. You can not only score leads, contacts, and accounts, but even opportunities, person accounts, and campaigns.

Our Salesforce Lead Grading and Fit Scoring solution is 100% Salesforce - no data ever leaves your Salesforce Org, for maximum security and compliance. Whether you use standard fields and objects, or custom elements that are unique to your Salesforce Org, you will be able to use it for the industry's most flexible Fit Scoring solution in the market.


Salesforce Fit Scoring solution for companies who like to focus on what matters

Score leads, contacts, accounts and further objects based on ANY Salesforce profile data that you have

As a perfect complement to our activity-based lead scoring solution for Salesforce, we're excited to introduce a 100% Salesforce based lead grading and fit scoring solution.

Now you can score leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, campaigns, and person accounts, based on literally any data that you store inside Salesforce. With no data leaving your Salesfocre Org - ever - we ensure that your data stays safe within your trusted environment.

Pin the stuff you care about to the top.


Use flexible rule criteria and add standard and custom data to Salesforce scoring

No matter how unique your Org is - we got you covered.

With SalesWings Fit Scoring it's simple: If you can report on it in Salesforce, you can use it for scoring. Whether you want to score based on standard Salesforce data, or use your custom fields and objects - we got you covered.

Our Salesforce lead grading and fit scoring solution meets the requirements of the world's most demanding enterprises, with each one being unique. We marry flexibility with simplicity to reduce your admin work on building custom formulas and inflexible scoring solutions.


You'll love it!

Say "good bye!" to formulas and custom dev, and "hello!" to scoring that's as easy as pie

You don't need to rely on your Salesforce development or consulting team to deploy flexible fit scoring and lead grading in Salesforce.

The SalesWings solution for Salesforce scoring is easy-to-use and meets the needs of small and large businesses alike. You can sign up today, and get value immediately. We use standard Salesforce functionality to benefit from maximum compatibility with your Org, and put a user friendly layer on top of it to remove the need for custom dev.

Look no further: There isn't any certification around SalesWings Fit Scoring.

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