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The SalesWings Venture

SalesWings is a Switzerland based Software-as-a-Service Venture in the domain of Sales Acceleration and Predictive Lead Activity Scoring. It is comprised fo an international, highly heterogeneous and multi-discplinary team of experienced entrepreneurs.

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Philip Schweizer and Olivier Droz, SalesWings Founders

INVESTORS UPDATE: SalesWings is currently closing a financing round to accelerate our growth phase and reach key milestones over the next 14 months. If you're interested in hearing more, kindly get in touch with us here.


Philip Schweizer

CEO & Co-founder

After graduating with a major in Entrepreneurship, Philip dove straight into the world of high-tech ventures. Since then he has fought many battles in 5 different technology start-ups in various biz dev, sales, marketing and product roles. A true Swiss, he's obsessed with quality. Philip's all in to change the lives of all brave sales people with SalesWings.

Oh, and: Philip's a proud husband, and father of litte Lupita! He masters full professional proficiency in 4 languages, was finalist of the California State Cup Inline hockey Championships "back then" - and he'll do anything for some Guacamole and cold Corona on a hot summer day.

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Olivier Droz

CTO & Co-founder

Olivier holds a Master degree in Computer Science from the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL), and as a Scala specialist and enthusiast he's savvy in building scalable cloud applications. Following a corporate experience that took him to Hong-Kong, he built his first start-up, and is now heading the technology stack at SalesWings. He's constantly finding new ways to make things better, faster.

He tackles every challenge with passion, and that earned him numerous medals as a semi-professional swimmer in the past. Apart from his wife and little Amélie, pulling and pushing SalesWings forward is his everyday-thrill. And when he's not coding, find him do all kinds of things such as sailing, parachuting or skiing.

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David Kunzmann

Full Stack Developer

David holds a degree in Computer Science from the School of Engineering and Management in Yverdon, which took him as well to Norway and the USA for guest semesters. As a true full stack developper he loves working with Scala but he is never reticent to dive deeply into JavaScript. Amongst others, previous web experiences include front-end developpement for a web based ad aggregator and full-stack for a time management web application.

David is also a solid sound engineer and a genius at the drums! That's why, when trying our app, listen very carefully and you will see that there is some music inside...

Maryam Moghadas

R&D Engineer and Data-Scientist

Maryam holds a PHD in Computer Science from the University of Tehran in Iran, and did the last mile of her PHD research at the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne in Switzerland. At SalesWings she now works on various projects including the predictive modeling of website visit behavioral analytics data.


Ina Simeonova

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ina holds two master degrees in international business and management from the University of Lugano in Switzerland. Passionate about start-ups, branding, social media and digital marketing, she loves to tackle new challenges every day. Before joining Saleswings, Ina gained experience in various other start-ups - and amongst them - her own mobile app adventure.

By the way... Ina is the ultimate fashion lover and art enthusiast! And when she is not running Saleswings' social media channels, she can probably be found on a flight to somewhere around the world to experience a new culture.


Louis Baldisserotto

Inside Sales Specialist

Louis has developed and launched various B2B and B2C products in the Telecommunications industry both in the USA and in Switzerland. His experience is broad; marketing, customer relationship management and multi-channel acquisition - to name just a few His passion for people is what brought him to helping and consulting customers today.

Louis has many hobbies, but his favorite moment of the week is when he is cooking for his wife and two sons on Sunday night....


Dave Brown Business Angel

David Brown

Dave is angel investor in numerous start-ups and mentor of various VC/angel funded start-ups. He's a Saas expert and loves designing and building high-availability internet platforms on *nix systems. He sold his own venture Buy.at to AOL 15 years ago, and is a true expert in all things around technology start-ups.

Graham Valentine start-up sales mentor ex HP manager

Graham Valentine

Graham has spent 20 years at HP and was a General Manager in a leading sales position. He'll sell ice cubes to an Eskimo and is giving SalesWings the "corporate sales edge". Today he runs an international management consultant company and spends probably a third of his time in China.

Nicolas Sierro sales start-up API expert

Nicolas Sierro

Nicolas is advising SalesWings on its API strategy. He's a pioneer and veteran in Information & Communications Technology with 24 years projects experience in marketing, technical and operation activities for startups (e.g. Echovox/Zong sold to PayPal/Ebay) and for big companies such as ABB, Deutsche Telekom or Peugeot.

Reda El Andaloussi epfl start-up sales mentor

Reda Al Andaloussi

Reda is an international executive with more than 18 years of professional experience in diverse industries. Through his company Wave Ventures he's an active business angel and mentor to various start-ups coming out of EPFL.

Sebastien Dubuis start-up sales coach

Sébastien Dubuis

Sébastien has broad experience in business development and sales & marketing of digital products at an international level. He spent several years in the US, spearheading the sales and marketing efforts of Dartfish. He's advising SalesWings on all things related to growth and financing.

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