• Contact Data Enrichment and Intelligence

    Get the full picture of your leads with our sales intelligence tools


Real-time contact data enrichment

Qualify Leads faster, better.

Get the full picture about tracked website leads in real-time. Saleswings helps sales reps qualify inbound leads and tracked website visitors faster, better - for a smarter sales force.

This is where personal communication and social selling is starting...

increase form completions

Shorter forms, more lead data

Increase Lead Quality & Form Conversions

Get an email address sign-up, and we'll give you enough data for a full BANT qualification.

Reduce the number of form fields on landing pages while providing your sales team with rich information about who downloaded white papers or signed up for a demo.

Faster, better inbound lead qualification leads to more sales efficiency and faster follow-ups. A must-have for data driven sales and marketing teams who want to beat the competition.




Smarter contact data

Segment your Marketing Leads intelligently

Export enriched contact data of tracked website leads to Excel, Salesforce, Pipedrive or email marketing tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp and more.

Understand what type of leads are coming in through inbound and visiting your website, thanks to rich contact data enrichment of your tracked marketing leads.



Build a data-driven

Sales & Marketing Team