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SalesWings is perfectly integrated into your existing technology stack, and simplifies the life of your entire sales and marketing team through-out the complete sales funnel.

SalesWings facilitates various tasks along your sales and marketing funnel, starting with a systematic way to qualify each new inbound lead in real-time. As soon as new leads come in, SalesWings will prioritize leads who have show the most relevant interest in your company and who require to be contacted first by your inside sales team. Built-in predictive lead scoring, combined with rule-based point lead scoring, gives you the perfect balance of machine and human prioritization so that your team has full trust in your judgement and feels quickly how lead conversations are becoming easier.

"Simply put, Saleswings had the biggest impact on our entire sales and marketing organization last year."

Rene Sulski, Sales Director

rene sulski



Monitoring prospect interest early

67% of the buyer journey happens before a buyer engages a sales person

Research from Gartner highlights that your leads are starting to evaluate you early in their decision process. They visit your website, watch your videos, read your online reviews and customer stories.

SalesWings tracks and records all lead engagement on your website and with your sales and marketing apps, and makes it available immediately when leads get in touch. This way, you are able to prioritize leads who have shown strong interest the moment they contact your company, and you are 1 step ahead of the competition.


World class inbound lead qualification

Increase speed-of-response to the best leads and enhance your lead qualification and connect rates

SalesWings automatically collects and qualifies inbound leads from all your existing web forms for your inside sales team.

Our unique dual scoring system features a built-in machine-driven predictive lead scoring, marking the hottest leads with a flame to create urgency for leads who are priority. Furthermore, you can set up your own point lead scoring model with a simple rule builder, based on your lead's behavior on your website and other channels.

SalesWings data is accessible straight inside Salesforce and Pipedrive CRM through our native, plug-and-play integrations. Furthermore, you can push our scoring and activity data to 1000+ applications using our Zapier integration.


Deep sales insights for optimal lead qualification

Make it easy for your sales reps to speak to your leads' true interest and enhance the buyer experience

SalesWings provides your sales reps with an intuitive summary of your lead's true interest based on their past activity. Furthermore, SalesWings will provide additional profile insights by enriching each lead with valuable contact data.

Sales reps who tailor their phone and email conversations better to the buyer's needs, see an increase in qualification rates, response rates, and shorter sales cycles over time.

Smooth Sales and Marketing Alignment

Hand over your most sales-ready marketing leads timely and reliably

You have existing marketing leads in your CRM that you are nurturing? SalesWings allows you to track, and qualify, your existing CRM contacts using your existing email marketing tool.

Increase your company's deal closing rate on the 2nd and 3rd sales cycles with a system that identifies when your MQL leads are getting sales-ready to be engaged. Our best-in-class sales notification system allows you to setup custom alerts to notify the assigned CRM lead owner when they need to pay attention to a lead.

This is high-precision sales and marketing alignment made in Switzerland.


Easily identify the interests, needs and intent of your leads

Understanding your leads intent is key to impactful audience segmentation, lead qualification and lead routing  

Your lead's website activity and behavior tells you what their true needs are. You can automatically tag all leads who show interest in a specific product, service, brand, or website, to build targeted sales and marketing segments for up- and cross-selling.

You could automatically put segmented leads on dedicated email lists in your sales outbound platforms of choice, your email marketing solution or filter them into a report in your CRM.



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